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Eau de Parfum Testers


Molly and Tommy Drama Queen Eau de Parfum

One of two stunning scents Molly & Tommy have crafted for men to complement our sexy men’s clothes. We have chosen two magical scents, each one suited to different men – or different moods.

Carefully chosen extracts of the finest oils and minerals have been perfectly mingled to exude potent energy to produce this sensational essence. Drama Queen has a fresh, clean citrus base with sea notes sensualised by touches of aromatic cedar and musky spice.

This sophisticated fragrance is essential for the active, sensual man of character seeking well-being and simplicity.


Molly and Tommy Totally Butch Eau de Parfum

The ingredients for this intense and enchanting elixir have been carefully chosen and blended to radiate a masculine, virile essence. The exceptional result oozes a lush, passionate fragrance with warm wood and bergamot notes energised by citrus, sweet vanilla and dusky oriental spices.

The perfect finishing touch to wear for a strong, bold man tempered by down to earth charisma and charm.

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